A little note on finding what you’re looking for…

I plan on using a lot of hashtags. First of all because I am a little bit sick and twisted inside, but secondly so that it is easy to identify which topic is most relevant to you as a person or RA (since the subjects are essentially endless). To that end, I have six main categories and subjects–allow me to give you a, ahem, HASH course n the matter *cue groans.*

  • Personal Development; philosophical thoughts, reflections, discussions of different personalities, creating personal change, self-awareness…you get the idea.
  • Building Community; dorm things, building a group dynamic.
  • Building Personal Relationships; building friendships, getting your residents to approach you, having one-on-ones, helping them through serious issues, etc.
  • Perspective; anything that is valuable, not because it helps contribute to the dorm experience, but because of its relevance to the campus, life outside of college, or life after college.
  • Campus Living Life; the staff team, professional development, RA life
  • Finding a Sense of Purpose: the ways what we do is important and meaningful

Of course, you can also use the search bar. But why am I teaching YOU how to internet? You are probably a cold and calculating supercomputer analyzing the end of mankind anyways. Well, thanks for helping me look at pictures of puppies, supercomputer!


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