Why I want to have an entire blog devoted to ‘being an RA’…

It is not an uncommon experience that being an RA will change your life. I, personally, am obsessed with this job. It is one of the most wonderful jobs I could fathom. Imagine this: 19 year old me who has hardly had a job in her life was given 30 residents.  My job was to create an experience for them, and to become an influence on their lives. What the wonderful.

I often say that I have learned more from my time as an RA than I have from all of my classes. In truth, this job has taught me more about life than any other experience I have had. It has allowed me to change who I am; today, I am much more like the person I want to be than I was when I began. I won’t get the chance to live in a house off-campus with my friends, or to be a wild and crazy college student all the time, but in exchange, I have had what I call “my three year life-skills and leadership program” and there is no question in my mind about whether it was worth it.

This job inspires me; it gives me hope; it makes me believe I can do powerful things with my life. I am hoping to share some of those moments of inspiration in the hopes that they may do the same for other RAs.


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