Let Me Tell You About My Favorite Hall Tradition

There is a stereotype about RA’s that we are all sickeningly bubbly.
With that in mind, I’m here to tell you about the power of rainbow cake.


It’s a simple truth that dessert makes humans happy. It’s science, punks. In defiance of nature’s intentions, we took all the rare wonderful elements like fat and starch, the things our species could rarely find in caves or hit with a club, and layered and heaped absurd quantities together with the power of our postmodern consumer world. Like food dye. That was pretty rare in the caves.

We’re about to give you 1000% of your daily serving.

Rainbow cake is my favorite hall tradition. I make a cake for every birthday, and it has never failed to make everyone, including me, feel happy. For the price of food dye (maybe 3 dollars, and one box will color several cakes), I can make my residents feel special. Maybe they are away from home for the first time, and they can’t have the special cake their mother makes them or have a party with their family–but we will treat them like they are important, and their neighbors will be there to cheer them into the next year of their lives.

Next year, I am thinking of baking a few 9 X 12 sheet cakes at the beginning of the year and freezing them. (Hint; frozen cake lasts about 3 months, or the duration of a school semeseter, wink wink!). Or I might make rainbow cake in jars and freeze them. Or, maybe I’ll make rainbow cupcakes and display them like this.

The point it, your hall can be your own dream place to live. I wanted to be a little kid and have cute birthday parties and magical cake in my life. Being an RA should make YOU happy too. Also, pro tip; whenever someone asks me how I make it, I tell them there are ground up unicorns in there.

Make any light colored cake batter (yellow cake, white cake, etc)–I often use box cake batter because, who are we kidding, you’re about to add a pound of food dye into that. Go home, Martha Stewart. Assemble your cake batter, small bowls, mixing spoons, and dye. Separate your batter into bowls (I usually do 6, because, you know, the rainbow) and then color each bowl with a different color.


Now you’re going to carefully layer them. You can go for several different effects here. If you want a zebra cake effect, simply pour them one on top of the other, perhaps from a significant height. If you want fairly flat layers of color, pour gently, or even spoon the batter and then bang your cake pan against the counter to even the layers. Finally, just do whatever the heck. I am in an experimental rainbow cake phase myself, and it is lots of fun to make abstract art.
ImageImageBake as usual. The outsides look better the less the cake is overcooked. The insides look amazing anytime, and I think they taste better because oh-my-goodness-I-am-eating-a-rainbow. I usually frost with white frosting, which provides a fantastic contrast.


Rainbow sprinkles practically mandatory.


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