12 ways to spice up your cake baking life

Let’s get our cake-tivity on. Get it? Like, creativity, but with cake!

Okay, not very funny, but I’ll make it up to you:

With cake.

Or rather, cake-spiration. Nope, that one isn’t any better. Well, some fun with your cake. Play with your food. Your residents will love you for it, and you can even pretend that you did it *just for them* without any regard for your own cake predilections.


  1. Make rainbow cupcakes
  2. Too lazy? Make marbled cupcakes
  3. Make sheet cakes at the beginning of the semester and freeze them
  4. Make cake in a jar (and freeze that too)
  5. Make a cupcake bouquet
  6. Decorate your cupcakes like balloons, Up style
  7. Use rainbow sprinkles, duh
  8. Make sprinkles (recipes here and here)
  9. If you’re making rainbow cake, have a rainbow party. Use Gatorade for rainbow drinks, make this centerpiece, make melted crayon art….here are two rainbow parties you can use for inspiration
  10. For light colored frosting, drip a little food coloring on top, and use a spoon, knife, and/or toothpick to make paintings
  11. This is a wonderful Saint Patrick’s day cake
  12. For lazy frosting, melt a marshmallow on top of cupcakes a few minutes before they are done (haven’t tried it, but pinterest would never steer me wrong)

Me decorating a cake I attempted to decorate like the South Dakotan Black Hills for a resident hailing from that region. It wasn’t so pretty, but it’s okay, because everything was rainbow, rainbow, rainbow


I had fun decorating these cakes. This one has a flower.


Me and my new new friend Mr. Cake.


Mr. Cake cursed my sudden but inevitable betrayal

Have fun and enjoy tasting that rainbow

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