Ooey gooey feelings bullshit

When I started this blog, I thought it would be mostly making cake-in-a-mug and playdough and Fun Things. And let’s be real, I love that stuff, there is and will be plenty of that on this blog. But what I’ve found is that when I sit down to write, the keyboard has a tendency to pull me in its own direction. I want to tell you about the philosophical and emotional debates I’m having, the interesting quandaries, the struggle and insight that is opening my world up today. In other words, it is turning into ooey gooey feelings bullshit. And I’m pretty okay with it.

But, since that has turned out to be the case, I want to lay out the rules of ooey gooey feelings bullshit, so we all feel a little more comfortable.

Number 1, MAINTAIN CONFIDENTIALITY. I want you all to know confidentially is very important to me, and before I post a story that involves someone in some way, I ask myself if the person can be identified by my post in any way. If I think ANYONE, including my best friends, including my mother, including my staff team, could identify who I am talking about, I won’t post it.

Number 2. The rule for posting things on the internet is that you should be willing to read this post aloud to anyone, including the people it is about and including your bosses. I want this blog to be something that my bosses, people I respect, my friends and family, could read and be proud of. Although, if I did read this aloud to my boss, I might blush. I swear a lot (see post title).

….I think those are pretty much the rules. I am also refraining from posting pictures of me and other people. I have some very attractive friends, and it is very tempting to want to show them to the internet, and how cute they are, and how much I love them. But that is not Kosher Internet Behavior, and I will not do it.

So there we are. Let me know if I put something up here that you are uncomfortable with, and I’ll take it down immediately. Thanks internet.


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