How to spend no time advertizing and still do an amazing job

Advertizing brings my blood pressure up. My first year as an RA, I can’t tell you how many times I wanted to put on a community builder, only to think, “but I haven’t advertized at all, I can’t do it today/tomorrow/the next day….” and then I would forget to advertize and it became a bad cycle of guilt and sadness and man, we all missed out on some good hang out times. So here are a few easy ways to advertize that have worked for me.

1. The most important thing for me is to have a BOARD of some sort where I advertize all my community builders. I locate it at a bottleneck area (somewhere all my residents are likely to walk past, for example a stairwell or an exit). I like mine to be erasable, AKA a whiteboard or a chalkboard or something of that nature. To this end, you can use

  • A whiteboard (duh)
  • A chalkboard (you can buy one or make one with chalkboard paint)
  • You can also paint a piece of furniture with chalkboard paint (like a table), or a cookie sheet/tray (benefit of being magnetic as well) and write on that
  • Transparency paper (that see-through overhead projector paper) taped over some background (you can use it like a whiteboard)
  • A picture frame with glass in it (can also be used like a white board

2. Write on laundry machines with a white board marker

3. Make sidewalk chalk paint and write on the cement

4. Print ads on post its and put them on people’s doors

5. Make posters easily on google docs (make a google drawing)

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