Everybody hates Business

Think of an epic war movie. It’s the climax,¬†right before the last battle. Many of the worn soldiers will not return to their families; their eyes are hollow.¬†They barely seem to register their tired steps. “HALT!” cries the general. This is it. This is the last stand they make before they rush into their last battle. They wait for their grizzled, charismatic leader to speak. They hang to his words.

“I just need to call a quick attendance…..Adams? You here? No, don’t leave Adams, just sign this paper…we need you all to fill out some paperwork…we just have to do this real quick before the battle. Uhhhh….Anderson?”

Paperwork inspires no one.

In my three years, I have come to believe that dealing with “business” in staff meetings is largely a waste of time. No one cares. I’m sorry, even the person SAYING the business rarely cares. Time spent discussing dates when such and such must be done, or times when everyone must be located at such and such location….that time inspires NO BODY. Not a single person. I promise you. You will not leave that meeting thinking, “Wow, I just feel so much better after that long conversation discussing those deadlines, or scheduling those shifts for that event.”

So here is my inspirational speech. Are you ready? For these dulcet tones?

Google. Calenders.

Oooo, baby, I’ve got you now. Instead of spending 45 minutes discussing due dates for blah blah blah blah in your meetings, or sending out a million emails, simply create a staff Google calendar. Use it to keep track of who is on duty. Use it to keep track of paperwork deadlines, and events, and community builders.

And spend 5 minutes in your staff meeting recapping what is already on your staff calendar.